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Gertrud Koch: Breaking Bad, Breaking Out, Breaking Even

Gertrud Koch

Breaking Bad, Breaking Out, Breaking Even

Translated by Daniel Hendrickson

Softcover, 96 pages

Date of publication: 22.05.2017

In 62 Episodes until Death

»Breaking Bad« deals with outbreaks and outbursts of illness, aggression, mistrust, sexuality and passions. In this blaze the order of time collapses: Looking at life no longer as an open end but instead as if one soon will be dead, one gets a totally different vision of life and its possibilities. Life intensifies and runs out at the same time. The series offers a complex temporal unfolding that is no longer chronological – the subject of life seen from the near death engenders a lot of trouble and sense for the grotesque. The booklet analyses temporal settings, economic rationality becoming grotesque and the visual qualities.

  • television
  • violence
  • crime
  • serial
  • Evil
  • pop culture
  • drugs
  • USA
  • contemporary culture

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Gertrud Koch

Gertrud Koch

is professor for Cinema Studies at Freie Universität Berlin and head of the DFG-Collaborative Research Centre ›Aesthetic Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits‹. Her research focuses on aesthetic theory as well as film and image theory. She also works on the question of political and historical representation.

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