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The Spy Depicted
The Spy Depicted

Sylvia Sasse

Operative Censorship

Subversive operations don’t necessarily need to be aimed at a state power or ideology; they can also be used effectively by the state to infiltrate the underground.
  • gender
  • body
  • identity
  • intelligence sercive



Around a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti
Around a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti

Georges Didi-Huberman, Mira Fliescher (ed.), ...

The Cube and the Face

The Cube, as we can see, isn’t one. It is an ­irregular polyhedron which catalogues describe as having twelve sides — that nice figure, twelve, a destinal figure if ever there was one, which willfully evokes Mallarmé’s throw of the dice, at the very moment that the clock strikes twelve at midnight, in the dark house of Igitur. One can imagine that Giacometti wanted to give a unique volume to the twelve facets — six and six — of two cubes added together: a unique architecture...
  • face
  • art history
  • abstract art
  • art theory
  • Alberto Giacometti
Current Texts
About ‘how we treat the others’

Artur Żmijewski

About ‘how we treat the others’

  • migration
  • propaganda
  • political aesthetics
  • concentration camp
  • contemporary art
  • documenta
  • National Socialism
  • Poland
  • ethics
  • gift