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Around a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti
Around a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti

Georges Didi-Huberman, Mira Fliescher (ed.), ...

The Cube and the Face

The Cube, as we can see, isn’t one. It is an ­irregular polyhedron which catalogues describe as having twelve sides — that nice figure, twelve, a destinal figure if ever there was one, which willfully evokes Mallarmé’s throw of the dice, at the very moment that the clock strikes twelve at midnight, in the dark house of Igitur. One can imagine that Giacometti wanted to give a unique volume to the twelve facets — six and six — of two cubes added together: a unique architecture...
  • abstract art
  • face
  • art theory
  • art history
  • Alberto Giacometti
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Jean-Luc Nancy

Des zétrangers des zah des zuh

Etrange extraneus du dehors pas du dedans (intraneus) pas de la maison unheimlich pas du heim pas du foyer de l’autre côté des portes – fores, foreigner pas dans le rythme en trop, odd pas régulier pas ordinaire rare singulier seltsam bizarre besherat vaillant élégant fantasque tordu verschroben de travers surprenant extraordinaire étonnant


C’est étonnant comme nous sommes riches en mots formes façons pour tourner autour de l’étrange étranger de l’ausländer hors du pays pas « pays avec nous » comme on disait jadis en France « c’est un pays à moi » pour dire quelqu’un de mon village de mon coin ma province mon bled


Riches à profusion pour tout ce qui n’est pas proche et propre, approprié, convenant, mitmenschlich ce qui ne fait pas mitdasein


Parce qu’on présuppose que mit avec with est consistant, plein, solide et solidaire et ce qui est without avecsans mitohne avec hors ou hors d’avec la proximité


Mais avec même proche exige...


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Jean-Luc Nancy

غریبه‌ها غریبه‌ها

Etrange (غریب) در زبان فرانسوی از ریشه لاتین extraneus به معنای «خارجی» در برابر داخلی intraneus است. آنچه از خانه نیست unheimlich (امر غریب) از heim (خانه) نیست از منزل نیست در طرف دیگر دروازه fores است foreigner (خارجی)، خارج از ضرب و زیادی است odd (زاید) ناهنجار نامعمول نادر کمیاب تکی است seltsam (عجیب) عجیب و غریب besherat رشید ظریف پراوهام خمیده‌‌ verschroben (بد خو) خمیده شگفت‌ آور خارق‌ العاده حیرت‌ انگیز

غنای زبان امری غریب است در کلماتی که به نحوی حولِ مفهومِ غریبِ خارجی ausländer شکل گرفته اند خارج از کشور «هم‌‌ کشور ما» همانگونه  که پیش‌ تر در فرانسه می‌ گفتیم «این کشور من است» برای اشاره به کسی از روستای من محله‌ ی من استان من ولایت من



Between Segregation, Cooperation, and Craziness
Between Segregation, Cooperation, and Craziness

Sebastian Vehlken

Ghetto Blasts

Even if it became popular in the context of the algorithmitization of the behavior of social insects, the birthplace of the term Swarm Intelligence is in robotics. Even engineers are subject to discourse dynamics: When Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang gave a short presentation on Cellular Robots at a NATO robotics workshop in 1988, that is, on “groups of robots that could work like cells of an organism to assemble more complex parts,” commentators allegedly demanded a buzzword “to describe...
  • Computer graphics
  • swarm intelligence
  • interface
  • robot
  • interdisciplinarity
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Chris Salter

How does the room think it is?

The room is filled with luminous and aural phantasms. On the wall, a long French text is horizontally stenciled in off-white vinyl letters. The words are barely visible in the hazy darkness, except when I stare at them from a specific angle. As we read fragments of the French with the world behind our back, the room lurches from one color to another – first red, then yellow, blue and white accompanied by an almost silent aural pulse while a thin polyphony of almost unheard string sounds completes this cloudy scenography. Some of the group gathered turn towards the colors emanating from the room. Before us, three colored glass frames suspended from the ceiling, in the direct center of the space, which bifurcate the room in two. Each of the surfaces frames a luminous colored object freely floating in space. Staring intently at the three colors lined up in a row,...

  • Félix Guattari
  • body
  • aesthetics
  • affects