Sabine Maasen: Collaborating In and Beyond Science
Collaborating In and Beyond Science
(p. 101 – 124)

Sabine Maasen

Collaborating In and Beyond Science
Obstacles and (Somewhat Surprising) Opportunities

PDF, 24 pages

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Hartmut von Sass (éd.): Between / Beyond / Hybrid

Everyone calls for it, but no one knows what the subject matter of this call really is—transdisciplinarity. After a period in which it went from an academic invitation to a demand urgently to be fulfilled, the concept has recently been losing its pull. High time to approach the concept anew and in a new form.


This volume collects prominent voices in the debate on transdisciplinarity in a transdisciplinary manner. Its coincidence of content and form in presenting main papers and critical replies to them from a different discipline allows for a vivid discussion and new insights. These stylistically and thematically divergent contributions are linked by reservations about transdisciplinarity as an allround intellectual weapon and the conviction that its programmatic weight could be regained by approaching the subject from the margins—transdisciplinarity where it breaks down, fails, comes to an end. Unravelling transdisciplinarity’s contours by clarifying its limits.